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The National Police Pagan Association (PPA) is a registered Diversity Staff Support Association (DSSA) which works alongside the NPCC, the College of Policing and the Home Office in supporting Pagan Police Officers and Staff and improving the relationships between the Pagan community and the Police service. To find out more go to the ABOUT US page.


The PPA was the first existing DSSA structured in accordance with new ACPO (now the NPCC) guidelines following the withdrawal of government funding. The PPA has a single Executive Committee who are nominated and voted into roles by members for a three year term. To find out more go to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE page.


In addition the PPA has a network of First Point of Contact officers (FPOC) for each NPCC area with whom local police forces or members of the public can make contact. To find out who your point of contact is go to the FPOC page.



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